Whisper Tanning Lotion

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Whisper Tanning Lotion
Whisper Tanning Lotion by DesignerSkin

It may be called a Whisper but the results you get with this tanning lotion is something to shout to the whole world. This dark tanning emulsion contains the new dual bronzing compounds combined with ingredients that ensure soft skin as you achieve your desired dark tan. The dual bronzer formula of this brand gives you fast and long lasting tan in just a few hours after applying it on your skin. Why settle for anything less when you can be the envy of everybody by using this formula that promises you a sexy dark skin wherever you go.

So whether you want to show off your great tan secretly or get loud about it, the Designer Skin Whisper tanning lotion is the perfect choice. It comes in a blue and pink bottle for him and for her in a sensual summer scent.

Whisper tanning lotion is one of the best selling indoor tanning lotions. People love it’s light feminine fragrance. It doesn’t have that tanning lotion smell like other tanning lotions can. This lotion goes on smooth and even, and does not leave your skin with a sticky feeling. It does a great job moisturizing and doesn’t leave you with that after tan smell. Whisper contains dual bronzers and gives you a nice glow after tanning. This lotion can leave your palms orange looking so make sure you wash your hands after applying this lotion.

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Whisper Tanning Lotion

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