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skinny-couture-tanning-lotionSkinny Couture Tanning Lotion by Devoted Creations
While this tanning lotion won’t make you skinny…..It will get you tan! No need for a nip or tuck… this skinny girl formula does it all… tightens, contours, firms and shapes while also getting rid of those little signs of aging. This lotion goes on smooth,and smells great before AND after you tan. This tanning lotion contains all the top notch ingredients, that help you tan evenly, and fight the signs of aging. This lotion has a slight warming or tingle sensation and may not be the right lotion for a first time tanner. This is a great lotion for someone wanting to break their tanning plateau. Read Customer Reviews and Save up to 75% off Salon Prices Skinny Couture Tanning Lotion Review

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