Made 2 B Dark Tanning Lotion by Devoted Creations

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Made 2 B Dark Tanning LotionMade 2 B Dark Tanning Lotion by Devoted Creations Are you made to be dark? This lotion by Devoted Creations is from their 2011 Soho line. It has bronzers which give you instant color, as well as delayed bronzers for longer lasting color. Made 2 B Dark contains mangosteen and acai berry which help with Anti-aging/Skin firming. It also contains Pure Hemp Seed Oil for maximum hydration and soft skin. One unusual ingredient: Marshmallow Extracts, which helps reduce appearance of skin irritation. Read Customer Reviews

SPECIAL OFFER – 2011 Devoted Creations Made 2 B Dark Super-Intense Bronzer Tanning Lotion 8.5 oz.

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