JWoww One and Done Tanning Lotion

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Jwoww One and Done Tanning Lotion
JWOWW One and Done Tanning Lotion

Looking for a color boost? This tanning lotion delivers! I was very surprised that the lotion was so thin. It wasn’t watered down, but the lotion wasn’t as thick as others on the market. The thinner lotion made it easier for my skin to absorb. My skin didn’t have that wet sticky feeling. One and Done smells great, and has a nice fruit scent. I did notice a color change. My skin had a nice tan brown vs. orange look. My skin feels soft and moisturized. The lotion has a nice infusion of bronzers.

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One and Done Tanning Lotion – What JWOWW has to say:

“This lotion is dedicated to all my fans. I love you!It’s a new day, a new beginning, a new tan…let’s all be ONE AND DONE!” JWOWW – Jenni Farley

Get color at the speed of light and see yourself shades darker in one session! An exclusive fusion of bronzers mix with Jenni’s signature skincare ingredients for a shore-thing tanning experience! YOLO (You Only Live Once) you might as well look fabulous!

* Advanced Black Bronzer with DHA, Melanin Enhancers and Natural Bronzers.

* Ultra Moisturizing Yogurt Base.

* Fragrance: Asian Pear (Pear is JWOWW’s favorite Scent) Top Notes: Pear, Berries, weet Peach,Apple, Plums, Melon and Raspberry Mid Notes: Tiger Lilly Bottom Notes: Bourbon Vanilla and Musk.

* DHA and a proprietary Black Walnut Blend is
mixed with Melanin enhancers and MAP guaranteed
to get you shades darker with each

* Yogurt base is infused with Black Currant Oil
and Pear for visibly smooth skin

* Vitamin E and Shea Butter keeps skin
young and vibrant

* Four luxurious oils keep skin feeling hydrated
and prepare skin for dark color

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