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Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning LotionEd Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion – This a tingle tanning lotion. If you have never used a tingle tanning lotion, this product may not be right for you. This is a very strong tingle lotion, but will give you instant hot color! You will love the smell, and it has great bronzers. Overall a great product for the price if you are into tingle tanning lotions. Read Reviews on Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion

Full Review:

Dreaming of a dark skin for the summer? There’s no need to dream anymore because you can turn that into reality. The best part is you don’t even have to expose yourself to the sun and linger there for several hours.

The answer to your problem is a tanning lotion. With this product, you can just apply it on your skin and get your tan indoors.

If you’re looking for a good and quality brand that leaves a tingle on your skin, the Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion is perfect for you. This is ideal for people bent on getting a dark skin in a short period of time and who are strong enough to withstand the tingling effect of the lotion. This product gives a very strong tingle but it makes your skin darker than your normal tone instantly.

By tingle, it means the tanning lotion contains ingredients that promote blood flow at skin level. When this happens, the user experiences a tingling sensation. The ingredients that cause this reddening of the skin are usually chemicals or irritants. However, the effect that may be experienced can vary from one person to another. It should be understood that there’s no standard system of rating the tingle effect of a tanning lotion. Some companies prefer not to use these ingredients that lead to skin reddening believing that it only makes users uncomfortable and they do not contribute much to the improvement of a tan.

This Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion comes in a dark red bottle with black cap. Available sizes are 13.5 ounce and .7 ounce, it is one of the exclusive tanning lotions of the Ed Hardy brand. Known as the darkest tanning lotion produced by Ed Hardy Tanning, this product has a sparkling citrus fragrance to make you smell good in your dark skin. It also has an ultra dark silicone bronzer and skin firming formula.

Keep in mind that indoor tanning lotion is not meant to be used outdoors as it normally does not offers sun protection. It is, therefore, best to follow instructions to avoid skin irritation.

For best results, use this Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion with a sunbed or tanning bed. This device emits ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. It usually makes use of fluorescent lamps with phosphor blends to enable them to produce UV radiation similar to what the sun produces.

Shop for your Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion at exclusive beauty products shop, at salons or even online. If you’re the type of person who does not want to travel here and there to find that tanning lotion, you can conveniently shop online and avail of the best deals. You will be surprised to know that some sites even offer big discounts you could not avail at physical stores.

If you don’t mind the tingling sensation brought about by the use of this lotion, then you can go ahead and get it to achieve your dream tan look. Make sure to apply evenly on your skin to get that great look. Read Reviews on Ed Hardy Body Shots Tanning Lotion

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