Designer Skin Secret Rapture

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Designer Skin Secret Rapture
Designer Skin Secret Rapture

Designer Skin Secret Rapture

Youngsters and adults who are still new to tanning can get a good dark skin just the same by using the Designer Skin Rapture tanning bed lotion. This is perfect for young and sensitive skin as it serves only as an accelerator without any bronzer ingredient. And what’s great about it because you can easily apply it on your skin without any sticky feeling. Another advantage is its ability to fight the aging process through its firming ingredients such as the phytoage and alpha lipoic acid, white birch extract and copper PCA plus you get the benefits from the natural ingredients that include avocado oil as well as Vitamins A, E and C.

Suited for all skin types, this Designer Skin Rapture tanning lotion comes in an attractive 400 ml designer bottle. Available in warm vanilla sugar scent.

This is an accelerator only, it contains no bronzers.  Has a nice scent, like warm vanilla sugar.  Glides on smooth, not sticky.  Recommended for the beginner tanner, or if you  like lotions without bronzers.  Works great to give you that base tan. Read Customer Reviews For Secret Rapture Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

Retail Price $43
Our Rating   3-stars
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