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Obsidian tanning lotionDesigner Skin Obsidian Tanning Lotion – Contains 30 Bronzers – If you love Paint it Black or Luminary then you are going to LOVE this lotion as this is the new for 2011, and one of the darkest tanning lotion By Designer Skin. Obsidian contains a Silicone Emulsion that leaves your skin soft and smooth. The volcanic minerals in this lotion provide much needed nourishment that your skin needs. Read Customer Reviews

Fragrance: Caribbean Mist

2011 Designer Skin Obsidian 30X Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion 13.5 oz.

Full Review:

Do you feel the need to have darker skin yet don’t want to expose yourself to the sun? No problem about that because you can always use a tanning lotion.

If you’d like to have an extremely dark tan, the Designer Skin Obsidian tanning lotion is right for you. This product is one of the newest lotions for 2011 that promises longer bronze glow for your ultimate satisfaction. It is the latest addition to the Designer Skin’s line of tanning lotions people can use indoor. After only two sessions on tanning bed, you can already observe a difference in your skin. Now if you’re after a dark tan faster than what the other similar products promise, then you have to get this lotion.

The Designer Skin Obsidian tanning lotion is available in an attractive black bottle containing 13.5 fluid ounces of lotion. The bottle design is sleek featuring a sturdy plastic base and a large plastic black top. The top portion is also ridged to prevent slippage when opening or closing the bottle with your wet hands. On the front part, you will see a banner with the Obsidian brand name and a short description of the product.

If you’re particular about the smell, this tanning lotion is not a problem. It comes in the Caribbean Mist fragrance that’s easy on the nose. Unlike the other brands that have a strong scent, this one has a pleasant and sweet smell.

Promising an enriched 30x long wear bronzing matrix, the Designer Skin Obsidian tanning lotion has a strong bronzing power for longer, darker and richer tan.
In addition, you can be sure your skin will be taken care of while using this product as it contains SunStay. This ingredient will keep the moisture in your skin during and even after the tanning session. In this way, you will be able to retain a soft and healthy glow in your skin.

Volcanic minerals and thermal geo-energy as well as anti-aging serum were also used to provide the vitamins and minerals needed for your skin to keep it healthy and glowing even with your dark skin. These ingredients help in exfoliating dead cells to achieve a younger looking skin and ensuring an even tan all over your body.

The addition of minerals and vitamins in tanning lotion is important as the process of getting a darker color can make your skin dry, rough and even wrinkled. But with a tanning lotion such as this one from the Designer Skin line, you can come out of your sessions confident that your skin will remain healthy and glowing.

Purchasing this lotion is easy. You can always buy at physical shops and salons or you can purchase online if you’re after convenience and the best deals.

The Designer Skin Obsidian tanning lotion comes in an easy to open 13.5 ounce black bottle. The cap has ridges for a good grip while opening and closing the lotion even with your wet hands. It’s very affordable as well you won’t regret having bought this product and used it for your advantage regardless of the season.
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