Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer, 13.5-Ounces

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Luminary Tanning Lotion
Luminary 25X Black Label Private Reserve by Designer Skin is brand new for 2010.

This lotion helps your skin reach it’s peak bronzing levels, and will help you achieve that super dark tan. Due to the Magic Solar Silicone Emulsion the lotion feels silky smooth and is extremely moisturizing. The fragrance is amazing, even after you tan. (Fragrance Name: Sweet Champagne Fizz). Luminary by Designer Skin tanning lotion is one of the best tanning lotions available today.

This lotion retails for $120 in salons.

Special Discount Price
Designer Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion Black Label Private Reserve 13.5 oz

Full Review:

Getting a tan skin has never been fast and easy. Today with the availability of tanning lotions, having a dark skin during spring and summer can be achieved in as little time.
The Designer Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion is a new product you can get to have your dream tan skin. Introduced in 2010, this tanning formula allows your skin to reach its bronzing potential. It contains a magic solar silicone emulsion to keep your skin hydrated and maintain an even tan.

No need to worry as well about keeping your skin healthy. With this lotion’s light engaged defiance (L.E.D.) complex that has free radicals, your skin will be well protected. It also ensures that soft skin and the best color you can ever get that you can show off to people with great confidence. This part is courtesy of the soft celestial stardust blended in this Designer Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion.

And as its name suggests, applying this luminary tanning lotion by Designer Skin promises you a young-looking and glowing skin you can keep for a long time.
Upon application of this lotion, you immediately feel its soft and silky effect on your skin. And with its pleasant smell, there’s no reason why you would not want to use this as often as you want to achieve a great tan. There’s no greasy feeling whatsoever so you can enjoy using this product for a long time.

This brand of tanning lotion is also ideal for people with sensitive skin. With its unique blend of ingredients, it has the ability of achieving a balance in your skin and body such as preventing breakouts and rashes. Regardless of the skin type you have, you can apply the lotion easily without experiencing much problems common among other lotions.

The Designer Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion is available in blue-teal bottle with a sparkling look and silver plastic base. The Designer Skin brand is etched on the base while the Luminary name is displayed on the front center part of the bottle. Its plastic silver cover has ridges for easy opening and closing when needed. Remember this description so that when you buy the item, you can be sure you’re getting the real one. Designer Skin lotions come in various variants but some bottles may be similar and so it’s best to know the specific packaging or what the item you want looks like.

This Designer Skin tanning lotion comes in a 13.5 ounce bottle and a sweet champagne fizz scent. But before you get one from the salon, make sure you do a little research first on the internet. You may be surprised there are lots of special deals for this product online that are hard to pass up. There are discount coupons you can get from certain websites or get as much as 50 to 70 percent discount on other sites you might chance upon.

Buying online has its advantages. You not only get special rates but it’s also very convenient shopping for your preferred tanning lotion right in the comfort of your home. You can save money by not driving for miles to look for an exclusive shop that sells skin and health care products. Read Customer Reviews

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