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Cypher Tanning LotionCypher Tanning Lotion From California Tan. This is one of the more expensive or high end lotions that California Tan makes. Although expensive you will see results the first time you use it. The more advanced tanner will be able to go beyond their tanning plateau. This lotion goes on smooth, and the sent is very mild but pleasant. Read Customer Reviews

This lotion retails for around $100 in Salons. Save up to 40% Off

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Many people get attracted to tan skin, more so when it’s summer. As such, they also find ways to get darker skin that what they normally have. For some people, pale skin may be beautiful but these days, having dark skin is synonymous to a sophisticated and outgoing personality.

Most of those who are eager to get a tan are people with light skin complexion. These types of people normally have difficulty in darkening their skin but don’t fret, there’s a solution now to your problem. All you need is a little patience and you’ll eventually get your dream tan in less time.

You can try the Cypher tanning lotion to help you get that dark skin without the need for real sun exposure. This product is by California Tan and comes in different types depending on your needs. There’s the Step 1 and Step 2 Dark Tan Optimizer, Maximizer, Bronzer and Facial Bronzer among others.

The Cypher Tanning Lotion is one of the high end products of California Tan but one that promises great results. Using this product will ensure you get your desired tan in less time compared to the other tanning lotions. It features an advanced tanner that will darken your skin in a very short time. In fact, you will be able to see positive results even after your first use.

If you’re particular about the smell, you won’t have an issue with this tanning lotion. It has a very mild but pleasant scent to make you feel good while using the product.

You can purchase this product at physical stores, salons and on the internet. However, you should buy online if you want to save more. There are certain websites offering great deals with big discounts on this California Tan lotion. If this retails in salons at about $100, you can enjoy up to 40 percent discount when you buy online.

California Tan is a leading manufacturer of indoor tanning lotions. Since 1987, it has been creating quality tanning products for the satisfaction of people eager to have darker skin any time of the year. It makes use of advanced technologies and always keeps people’s health as top priority. Whatever the level of tan you would like to have, you can be sure to get it by using this brand’s tanning lotions.

The Cypher Collection of California Tan lotions include the regular one and the bronzer. Both feature the Step 1 and Step 2 lotions. The Step 1 product is used when building a base tan whether outdoors or indoors through the use of a tanning bed. It is a rich and silicon-based lotion with zesty lime verbena scent. Ingredients include a biosaccharide complex, soft bronzer, d-cypher complex, vitatan and skin-firming peptides.

The Step 2 Cypher tanning lotion works by maximizing an existing base tan to achieve a darker result. Ideal for indoor use, this product contains an x-treme tanning catalyst, d-cypher complex, Cu02, TRF 2000, age defense and biosaccharide complex. Using both products will ensure you get the best tan that can make you stand out in a crowd. Read Customer Reviews

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