Black Cherry Tanning Lotion by Squeeze

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Black Cherry Tanning Lotion by SqueezeNew for 2011 – Black Cherry Tanning Lotion by Squeeze. This tanning lotion is made to keep skin soft and smooth. It constains a silicone ultra dark bronzer and has an anti-aging formula. This is an aloe based lotion unlike other tanning lotions that are water based. What does that mean to you? Aloe vera based lotions are THE BEST for your skin, you cannot beat the moisturizing, smoothing properties of aloe vera based tanning lotions. Fragrance: Black Cherry. Read Customer Reviews.

Full Review:

Tanning your skin to your most desired level can now be achieved in a shorter time and the best part is you don’t even have to expose yourself to the sun. With today’s tanning lotions, you can have your dream tan by staying indoors.

One of the best rated lotions you can use these days is the Black Cherry Tanning Lotion by Squeeze. This is a new product of Squeeze for 2011 that not only enables you to have a great tan but soft and smooth skin as well.

This lotion contains ultra dark bronzing agents and silicone emulsion components. The bronzing agents take care of darkening your skin color while the silicone emulsion ingredients help in moisturizing your skin to keep it soft and smooth. In addition to these ingredients are the intense bronzers that hasten the process of darkening your skin. As such, you get your dream tan in less time than usual.

The Black Cherry Tanning Lotion by Squeeze also ensures you keep a youthful skin. This is made possible by the anti-aging elements such as the black currant extract and moisturizer that nourish your skin and maintain its youthful glow. You would not want to have dry, rough and wrinkled skin resulting from constant sun exposure, would you?

This tanning lotion comes in a uniquely-shaped bottle so it should be easy for you to spot this at shops exclusively selling skin care products. It comes in a plastic bottle that’s shaped like a square. The bottle is mostly black with a tinge of gold, red and white. It features a floral design around the edges of the bottle with the Black name in bold gold font. Also on the front part of the bottle is a description that says “Ultra dark bronzing tanning lotion, immediate dark results” in small and bold white font. On the bottom left part is the line that says “anti-aging formula with black currant extracts.” The Black Cherry Tanning Lotion by Squeeze bottle has a black and plastic as well as easy to open cap.

In terms of smell, you need not worry about it as this lotion has a pleasant fragrance. Its black cherry fragrance will make you feel desirable while the lotion’s ingredients do their work to make you look tanner.

Using this lotion is fast and easy. You just apply it evenly on your skin and then use a tanning bed. After several sessions, you can be sure to get that great tan you’ve always wanted. Now, this is really something you need to have if a dark skin for the spring or summer is what you’re after. Read Customer Reviews.

2011 Squeeze Black Cherry Tan Enhancer, Bronzer, Skin Firming Tanning Lotion 13.5 oz. Review

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