Australian Gold Sol Search Tanning Bed Lotion

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Australian Gold Sol Search Tanning Bed LotionAustralian Gold Sol Search Tanning Bed Lotion

Looking for that GOLDen Tan? Look no further than Australian Gold’s Sol Search indoor tanning bed lotion. This is a top seller for 2011! Infused with RejuvaDark Bronzing Blend which helps enhance your tan, and gives you instant color! If you ever worry about what a tanning bed can do to your skin, I am sure you know you must keep skin hydrated. Sol Search contains Bamboo Extract to hydrate and nourish skin and increases skin radiance. One of the most exciting ingredients is Happy Hour Skin Fusion which soothes and firms while beta endorphins rejuvenate for an all over happy feeling. The design of the bottle is simple, fun, and colorful, but it what’s on the inside that counts! This lotion may be your new fav! Has a very light beach fragrance. Lay back, relax, and pretend your on the beach, and get a great looking tan! Read Customer Reviews and Save up to 75% Off This Lotion!

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