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Australian Gold Going Gaga Tanning LotionAustralian Gold Going Gaga Tanning Lotion – New for 2011. Australian Gold offers this new bronzer lotion at an affordable price. It contains 20 Bronzers, Tyrosine, Melanin and amazing Silver Extract. It also will give you a reflecting shimmer. This is a great lotion if you are a new or established tanner. Read Customer Reviews

Full Review:

Are you one of those eager to get a tan for the summer? But are you also having second thoughts about going under the sun? Nothing to worry about this problem as there’s a fast and easy solution and that is to use an indoor tanning lotion.

There are different brands of tanning lotions available on the market these days. What matters is you choose a quality product that can meet your needs. The Australian Gold Going Gaga Tanning Lotion is an affordable yet quality lotion you can get. This is a very new bronzer lotion introduced only this year.
This product by Australian Gold contains 20 bronzers, tyrosine, melanin and silver extract. These ingredients will give you the dark skin you so desire and at the same time keep it smooth, soft and healthy. The silver extract works by rejuvenating your skin. It provides antioxidants and cell-renewal properties to maintain the health of your skin. So while you’re getting a great tan, you can also feel confident that the lotion will also take care of your skin. Unlike when you expose yourself to sunshine for long hours resulting in dry, wrinkly or flaky skin, applying this tanning lotion will keep your skin looking good even in its dark tone.

What’s also unique about this product is that it will give you a shimmering look on your body. The disco shimmer in this tanning lotion reflects light to give you that sparkling effect. Behind the sheen effect are courtesy of the silver and pink minca agents. As such, you can be sure to stand out in the middle of the crowd as you shine with your bright tan that can make people go gaga over you and your dark color.

You also need not worry about the smell as this lotion has a paparazzi pink scent. Applying this will let you have a pleasant smell that will boost your self confidence.

By its name alone, you can be sure to get the attention of people wherever your go when using this tanning lotion. You will be the envy of many with your even tan you can enjoy for a long time.

This Australian Gold Going Gaga Tanning Lotion comes in a great 8.5-ounce wavy plastic bottle with pink cap. The bottle is mostly covered by silver sparkles with hints of pink and black.

Compared to the traditional way of getting a tan which is to go sunbathing in an open area, using a tanning lotion lets any adult have a dark skin in a faster way. It works by hastening the production of melanin or increasing the blood flow to the skin. As such the amount of melanin delivered to the topmost layers of the skin are increased.

Keep in mind, however, that tanning lotions normally do not contain sun protection formula. The bronzers, on the other hand, are color chemicals called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Most often, this ingredient is blended with other ingredients to create a tingling effect. Natural ingredients are also combined to ensure that the skin is kept soft and healthy. Read Customer Reviews

Special Offer For 2011 Australian Gold Going Gaga Bronzer Shimmer Tanning Lotion 8.5 oz.

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