14 Karat Gold Designer Skin

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14 Karat Gold

14 Karat Gold

14 Karat Gold by Designer Skin

Anything gold or even one that shines like gold is always an eye catcher. If you’d like to make heads turn by way of a dark skin, then the 14 Karat Gold Designer Skin tanning lotion is definitely for you.
For the perfect and most attractive tan skin that you can ever get, the 14K Gold Designer Skin promises 14 times bronzing blend formula. With its mega melamax optimizing complex and opti-glow blend, you are assured of a gorgeous dark skin color. And no need to worry about its lasting effect because with this brand’s SunStay technology, your tan will stay with you longer than its close competitors.

This advanced bronzer is available in a 13.5 oz bottle and Exotic Fruits & Fig fragrance at a very affordable price. Grab this golden product now or you’ll just regret that you didn’t.

Contains a 14 bronzer blend which will help you break through your tanning plateau.    This lotion has SunStay which will help keep your tan from fading.  Has a pleasant smell, (Exotic Fruits and Fig)  Read Customer Reviews and Save up to 75% off Salon Prices
Retail Price $76

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